Slotted Angle Shelving System

Slotted angle shelving is an efficient storage system used widely in every industry for warehousing and other storage needs. This shelving system consists of heavy-duty, lightweight, and reusable metal racks arranged based on the storage requirements.

These metal frames are constructed and assembled with the help of nuts and bolts. Slotted angle racks are easy to install and cost-effective. This system of storage is one of the best warehouse storage solutions.

Material of Slotted Shelves

The most commonly used material for slotted shelving is steel, although there are alternative materials available such as aluminum. Slotted shelves are manufactured from sheet metal using pressing machines for punching holes and to form the angles. Metal strips get a coating to prevent it from rust.

Standard Size of Slotted Angle Racks

Slotted angle shelves are so convenient for every industry, as they are available for both light-duty and heavy-duty workloads. These strips are made in a variety of standard lengths for different requirements.

The standard size chart for slotted angle shelving is given below for your convenience.

Thick (mm) Load Thick (mm) Load Thick (mm) Load
Shelf 900 300 2400 & 3000 mm 0.7 55 kg 0.8 65 kg 1 110 kg
Shelf 900 450 2400 & 3000 mm 0.6 40 – 50 kg 0.8 50 – 60 kg 1 80 – 100 kg
Shelf 900
2400 & 3000 mm 0.6 40 – 50 kg 0.8 50 – 60 kg 1 80 – 100 kg

Types of Slotted Angle Shelving

We are leading in slotted angle racks suppliers in UAE. We produce shelves based on the customer requirement. Here are the basic types of slotted angle shelving for different industrial uses:

  • Simple Slotted Angle Shelves: These are simple slotted angle shelves assembled to form a storage system, used widely in industries to store light and relatively heavy loads. These shelves are open from either side and storing and retrieving can be done from both sides.

  • Closed Rack Storage: Shelves with a sheet metal rack covering for small product storages give more security and safeguard parts from falling. These shelves have a one-sided opening for storage and retrieval of products.

  • Shelving With Partition: In this system of storage, shelves have partitions for storage of different parts. This system makes it convenient to segregate and store the products according to the requirements.

Uses of Slotted Angle Shelves

Slotted angle shelves are an ideal solution for the storage of different sizes of products, with light and heavy loads. They have a wide range of uses based on the requirements of the industries and individuals.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Warehousing for Light Weight Products
  2. Work Benches and Security Cages
  3. Partitioned Shelving
  4. Drug Storage Racks
  5. Stocking products in shops and hypermarkets

Benefits of Slotted Angle Racks

Slotted angle shelving is an all-purpose storage system used in industries for its various advantages over other storage systems.

  1. Each shelf can be easily modified and disassembled for reuse as per the requirements.
  2. The hole spacing allows the maximum number of bolt connections to fit the slotted angles together.
  3. The installation of slotted angle shelves doesn’t require welding or drilling.
  4. The storage system has clear access from all sides.
  5. Powder coating to avoid rust.
  6. Metal strips are interchangeable.
  7. Sturdy structure with excellent strength.
  8. Versatility for different storage needs.
  9. Cost-effective and easy handling.


The slotted angle shelving system helps you in utilizing maximum space in your warehouse with fewer expenses. It gives you the versatility of storing a variety of products of different shapes and sizes effortlessly in an orderly manner. Slotted angle shelves allow you to customize the racks without any difficulty to meet your business needs.

Based on the benefits and uses of the slotted angle shelving system, manufacturers and suppliers like us of the slotted angle shelving system in UAE produce a wide range of slotted angle shelves according to the customer’s requirements.

You can decide the size of the slotted angle rack according to the requirements with the help of the standard size chart given above and contact us for installation.