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Drive-in Racking Systems for Storing Homogeneous Products

As the name suggests, the drive-in pallet racking system involves forklift trucks entering the channel racks, accessing the pallets to deposit and retrieve the loads. This storage system uses the accumulation principle, thereby, ensuring optimum use of available space, be it in terms of height or area. It is preferred for storing homogeneous products and can accommodate a large number of pallets per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

Due to its reset modular structure and easy-to-assemble feature, this system is easy to maintain and operate. However, considering the restricted rotation of stock, it is highly recommended for seasonal goods or bulk material.


The drive-in racking system is available with two types of operations: Drive-in and Drive-through. The former is based on LIFO where the aisle is accessible from one side while the latter one follows FIFO with access to the pallet from both sides. This racking is popular in cold stores or warehouses where efficient use of the available space is of utmost priority as it ensures high-density storage.

Features of the Drive-in Racking System:

  1. It can easily adapt to load height and varying pallets.
  2. Elimination of aisles between the racks.
  3. Suitable for fragile goods or the ones which cannot be stacked on top of another.
  4. LIFO and FIFO configurations are available.
  5. Numerous functionality and components to ensure safety while transporting goods.
  6. It doesn’t require any special training or specialized material handling equipment.

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