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welding cable connector dseries supplier in uae

This is a new generation D series cable connector which is CE EN 60974-12 approved. It is fully insulated cable connections with natural rubber. The bayonet-type connection helps to lock firmly and provides safe and effective contact.

The cable is fixed into a socket with two allen screws for higher current ranges. The available range is 10-25, 35-50, 50-70 and 70-95. We can design and produce special-sized models as per your requirements.

Cable Connectors D Series A35% A60% MM2
CD1025M 250 200 25 to 35
CD1025F 250 200 25 to 35
CD3550M 400 300 50 to 70
CD3550F 400 300 50 to 70
CD5070M 500 400 70 to 95
CD5070F 500 400 70 to 95
CD7095M 600 500 95 to 120
CD7095F 600 500 95 to 120
CD7095M-D 600 500 95 to 120
CD7095F-D 600 500 95 to 120

cable connector adseries supplier in uae

American AD Series Tweco Style A35% A60% MM2
CD400ADM 400 300 70
CD400ADF 400 300 70
CD500ADM 500 400 95
CD500ADF 500 400 95
CD600ADM 600 500 120
CD600ADF 600 500 120
cable connector pseries supplier in uae

Machine Connectors P Series A35% A60% MM2
CD1025PM 250 200 25 to 35
CD1025PF 250 200 25 to 35
CD3550PM 400 300 50 to 70
CD3580PF 400 300 50 TO 70
CD5070PM 500 400 70 TO 95
CD5070PF 500 400 70 TO 95
CD7095PM 600 500 95 to 120
CD7095PF 600 500 95 to 120

cable connector apseries supplier in uae

American AP Series Lenco Style A35% A60% MM2
CD400APM 400 300 70
CD400APF 400 300 70
CD500APM 500 400 95
CD500APF 500 400 95
CD600APM 600 500 120
CD600APF 600 500 120

Welding cable connectors help you to reach your welding or plasma cutter leads with less effort by joining or connecting the cables. These connectors have the capability for quick connection and disconnection for the welding leads.

Welding cable connector male and female makes it a pair to join the cables together. These cable connectors make it easy to weld at certain welding spots, where it becomes difficult to carry the machine.

Cable Connectors Make Welding Process Secure

Welding is a process of joining two metals together with the application of heat and a joining material (electrode). The heat generated is due to the electric current – this high voltage electric current flows through cables, connected with the help of cable connectors to make it more secure. Different methods of welding require varying tools such as electrodes, electrode holders, earth clamps, welding cables, and several other safety equipment to work with complete efficiency.

They are designed for safe and effective current transfer with easy installation. These cable connectors, insulated with rubber boots for complete safety and to ensure maximum power transfer.

Uses/Advantages of Cable Connectors

  • Cable connectors allow the easy connection and removal of cables from the machine.
  • The length of cable required is adjusted with cable connectors when needed, hence avoids shortening.
    Easy attachment and excellent power transmission.
  • These cable connectors are CE EN 60974-12 approved for industrial use.

Why Choose Us?

AL Kheera General Trading is a leading supplier of welding accessories in UAE, providing you with a variety of cable connectors keeping all the safety measures in consideration. Such as the D Series, American AD Series, P Series, and American AP Series, these connectors – designed based on different requirements with multiple usages.

To understand more about the cable connectors based on your requirements, please contact us – our experts will guide you with the best suitable welding cable connectors.

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