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Mobile Shelving Increases Space Efficiency

How does the idea of Rack on Wheels sound? Smart and interesting, right? In a mobile shelving system, shelving units are installed on guided movable bases which are equipped with an electric motor and push-pull components. This allows the racks to slide sideways whenever required, thus creating an automatic aisle for forklifts and eliminating the need to create one for each storage channel.

With this unique system, you save maximum space by creating a rack base that can slide easily with a few commands. That is not all. Now, you don’t have to create aisles to reach the lanes and pallet but can have one as per your needs and loading process with every control on your fingertips.


Mobile racks ensure 100% accessibility to the individual pallet and guarantee safe and efficient storage operation.

The operator can open and close the unit with a remote or a switch within a few seconds. This high-density system is the best choice when the floor cost is high or when you need to increase space efficiency without any increase in surface area.

Features of Mobile Shelving:

  1. Increases the storage capacity by 80% than the conventional pallet system.
  2. Add P&D locations and seek higher warehouse efficiency along with higher ROI.
  3. Significant decrease in heating, lighting, and cooling costs.
  4. Simple and quick access to every pallet.
  5. Can adapt to the size and shape of the stock and also to space.

With so many features to avail, you surely don’t want to miss the chance to make your warehouse more efficient. So, connect with us the most reliable mobile shelving supplier in the UAE, and witness growth in performance and productivity within no time.

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